Major Stances (Constant Updates)
The Militarization of Police – Going hand to hand with the current prison system police tactics have become more extreme. They have become more militarized and have taken an attitude of shoot first ask questions later where normal citizens they have sworn to protect are treated as enemy combatants. Many people defend this course of action with comments such as “don’t break the law” or “the officer has the right to defend themselves”. However, as a peace officer your job is to protect the citizens, deescalate situations, and bring people to justice. Executing citizens in the streets is not the job of the police. This is not the wild west where the sheriff needs to keep order among-st outlaws and savages. This is a civilized first world country where unarmed men do not need to be put down like dogs regardless of the crime committed. Once again education has a huge deal to do with this. Most police officers do not need more than a high school diploma and receive marginal training that is quickly forgotten and never renewed. On top of that the current climate has proven time and time again that if its the officers word vs. anyone else’s or even video evidence the courts tend to side with the officer. So not only are marginally educated men being given authority and the weapons to end lives they are given this power with the knowledge that should they exercise this power the chances of them suffering consequences are slim.

Prison System – The United States has the most people behind bars than anywhere else on the planet. They have the highest percentage of their population behind bars and also a disproportional amount of their minorities in jail. Perhaps most interestingly 70% of the prison population is there for non-violent crimes. Prison changes people and rarely for the better so to put someone in a cage full of dangerous and unstable people when they weren’t dangerous to begin with is a terrible idea. The ways you can be incarcerated for months to years on end for non-violent crimes is atrocious. Something as simple as not being able to afford to pay the surcharges on a parking ticket to having a minuscule amount of marijuana can put you in a place meant for thieves, rapists, and murderers. The war on drugs is a big part of the problem, but their are many other causes and they all need to be reformed.

War on Drugs – This was a terrible idea since its inception and has further caused disdain for the authorities and has put numerous people groups in a cycle of violence, incarceration and death. And if that wasn’t enough the Draconian stance on marijuana has caused even the middle class of various races and ethnicity to deal with life changing consequences to a “drug” that has proven to be significantly less than any legal drug on the market including alcohol. Its as if the politicians purposely ignored the History lesson concerning prohibition or were trying to purposedly trying to disadvantage certain people groups. The Reagan conspiracy stories start to look a little less wild when you look at the statics of the prison system and why most people are in there. The policies are archaic and not only are they not working to prevent drug use they are costing endless amounts of money and ruining endless lives. The time for reform is now.
Education – Is the one investment that always pays off. It is the best way for social mobility and also advances a society. The way the educational system works now the lower classes get a far worse education that does not prepare them for college or jobs. Also some of the ideas and subject matter in the curriculum is either wrong or outdated and perpetuates misinformation and stereotypes that are harmful to society. The Educational system has been reformed numerous times, standardized tests to reallocation of taxes used for schools to help poorer neighborhoods, to magnet schools. However, our educational system remains broken.

General Equality and Ignorant Prejudices – The days of blatant racism for a group of people to feel superior to another group for reasons ranging from insecurity to cheap labor are more or less over. Now we have to fight with general prejudices people have and fears they have of another race or culture. I believe the answer to this is exposure to those groups of people and education about their culture and history.

Infrastructure for The Living Essentials for All Humans

Basic Necessities of Food and Shelter – We have sufficiently grown as a species scientifically and have acquired enough perspective to know what a human needs not only just to survive but to thrive. However, almost of fifth of the population of the world lives in terrible poverty where even the basics to survive are lacking (food, water, shelter, clothing). The United States supports its poorest of citizens through a variety of programs to ensure every human has the basics. Section 8 for housing, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (for food and water), various subsidies for utilities so that even the poorest can survive.

Information and Opportunity

However, to thrive humans need opportunity and the ability to capitalize on said opportunity, humans need education or at the very least access to the appropriate information. The educational system is hard to organize and when it is implemented has various problems. Nonetheless, with the information revolution knowledge is available at the click of a button. Therefore, I believe humans need access to information and to get that information they need energy.

I believe if a government wants a thriving people they have to not only make sure they have the basics they also need access to energy and information so they can educate themselves and have the opportunity to bring themselves out of poverty.

GMOs, renewable energy, Google Fiber, free Wifi, free computers, cheaper steel, shanty towns, clothes from hemp, high speed rail, and many more of these words and ideas are where the battle for providing the infrastructure and technology so all of the human race can not only survive but can thrive will take place.


Other Interests

Sports – Particularly Basketball and Football. I occasionally follow other ones but I understand the strategy and skill sets of the players in those most of all. My teams San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M. I do like other teams like the Houston ones since I live here but those are my bread and butter ones.

Music – I listen to it like to talk about the buzz from time to time

Entertainment – I guess TV and Movies and what not. I have opinions on them sometimes I guess I could write about a few

Science and Engineering – Every now and then someone makes something really cool it really gets me going

Human Connections (i.e. love and relationships) – This might sound sappy but if the world finally gives every human the aforementioned basics then the next most important thing is your connections with other humans that makes life worth living. There are a variety of relationships familial friendship based, lovers, etc. and they all have their nuances and sometimes I like to write about all of them.

Misc. – Other random events in the world happen and sometimes they intrigue me a lot.



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