The Summer of the Future: Upcoming Articles and Ideas

To all my readers, I've been away for a while, but I'm back with new ideas and the methods to explore them. I have a paper on Shared Autonomous Vehicles in the works, gained experience in stochastic and optimization modeling, and rewritten the open source energy...
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Improving America: Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit to Make America Better There a variety of laws and regulations that people have recognized are bad have created feasible alternatives and they still persist in America, these are the low hanging fruit of America that if changed will immediately...
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Public Options vs. Private Providers

Public Services, Private Providers There are services that are essential for modern life and crucial for a competitive business. Over the past decades, America has fallen in love with private solutions and have privatized numerous services that have traditionally been...
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Article Discussion

Our articles cover a wide range of topics and can sometimes take contentious views. If you want to discuss some of the content of an article or want to debate the merits of it please feel free to contact us. Our articles are meant to initiate discussion and engagement feel free to engage.

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