Public Options vs. Private Providers

Public Services, Private Providers There are services that are essential for modern life and crucial for a competitive business. Over the past decades, America has fallen in love with private solutions and have privatized numerous services that have traditionally been...
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Guaranteeing Full Productivity with Basic Income

By considering common concerns about the welfare system and basic income, a modified basic income could be delivered for a comparative cost as our current welfare system, eliminate poverty, support the working poor and middle class, and guarantee productivity from...
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How to End Poverty: Expanding the EITC

Transforming the EITC into an Acceptable Form of the Basic Income Going back to the EITC in essence it works like a basic income for those in a certain threshold. So if we wanted to apply those benefits to all Americans how could we change the rules? The EITC has...
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Netherlands  The Dutch are a fun loving relaxed bunch. They are generally some form of blonde and relatively tall. They are well cultured speak a variety of languages and are generally well educated. People have mixed feelings about the Dutch people’s friendliness,...

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