Publications and Projects


Welcome to our portfolio which showcases our work in optimization, systems simulation, system modeling, R, data analysis, data visualization, and more.

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Most of the code is available in GitHub, some of my R files are available in as R notebooks here, while other work such as our paper on Climate Change and SAVs has been published and access to its files are restricted.

Nonetheless, have fun look through our projects and if anything sticks out don’t feel afraid to call, email, or contact us on social media.



These projects have been published or submitted to peer reviewed journals or conference proceedings.

Contributions of shared autonomous vehicles to climate change mitigation


•Develop an energy system optimization model with shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs).
•Analyze ten scenarios to explore the economic and climate change impacts of SAVs.
•SAVs lower costs and carbon emissions, even if they induce significant additional VMT.
•This is primarily because a transition to SAVs accelerates vehicle electrification.
•Synchronizing electric SAV charging with renewable power output has large benefits. 




Co-optimization and community: Maximizing the Benefits of distributed
electricity and water technologies


• Develop mixed-integer linear program that optimizes distributed energy and water technology (DET, DWT) capacities and hourly dispatch
• Analyze 17 scenarios to explore the economics and operation of distributed energy and waters systems (DEWS)