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This page links my social media accounts to my website.

I post thoughts on articles, discussions, and topics that arise at any given time on my social media accounts.

As always I will post the links or my ideas on the Idea Board; however, stream of consciousnesses thoughts will be posted on social media and available for view here.

This report produced by @rewiringamerica after scouring through almost 50 years of US Energy data explains how we can reduce emissions, produce good high paying jobs, and reduce energy costs for everyone. This is the Green Report. Read and Share.
Came out back in 2012 but still describes our decaying middle class and lack of manufacturing.
Why the five main social contracts in America are broken and how we can fix them. We examine what a social contract is and who they are for.
Therapy by Sarah, a new video playlist exploring therapeutic techniques for your everyday life.

First Video Up Now!!!
Welcome to the next decade!!!

To usher it in check out the best curated articles of the decade along with my own Big Ideas.

I redid the Idea Board in a more palatable fashion to make for a much more enjoyable scroll and read
On my idea board, I have a plan for high schools to use 4G Gigabit to provide internet to the local area. This is a similar idea using similar technology, but only a single building. Nonetheless, the tech for fast wireless internet service is here.

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