The Future is Coming

I'm back with new ideas and the methods to explore them. I have a paper on Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) in the works, gained experience in stochastic and optimization modeling, and learned to work with Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs). IAMs can be used to...

September 2017 Topics

Philosophical question of the day: Guaranteed Income or Guaranteed Jobs. Also the failure of technology as a panacea, brain cancer cure setbacks, North Korea, lasers for fluids, the purpose of public schools, a carbon capture breakthrough, and Will Hurd young black...

Driving Forward the Future: 2016 Technological Advancements (AI, Artificial Pancreases, Flying Cars)

Technology 2016 had its flaws, but the technological progresses made bode well for the future. Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made smarter products for everyday consumers and present the possibility for much more advanced uses for...



The world is always advancing and there a myriad of new technologies emerging everyday. Some of them like the new iPhone everyone knows about, but others take a while to penetrate the public conscious. This page will explore new developments in science, engineering, and technology and how they will affect us now or far in the future.

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