It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.Albert Einstein

The future is coming. New technologies are replacing old jobs. New technologies are also improving life in ways people haven’t even fully comprehended. Below are a few of the “future techs” that you should watch out for and a few future ideas. Enjoy.


Self Driving Cars

The prophecy continues. Self driving cars are starting for Uber in Pittsburgh and the development for self driving trucks has kicked off. Currently the automated cars are being used as an augmentation for human drivers, but sure enough they will eventually replace humans when they inevitably become cheaper and safer. Truck driving is one of the largest occupation of males with less than a college education. Hate to see what happens when that group gets further displaced. Can we do worse than Trump?

However, the science itself are intriguing. How do cars make decisions that could cause damage or even cost lives? Or even how do they navigate the real world which has many more hazards than a simulation? Despite the fact they are unquestionably safer than human drivers, it will remain hard to accept a robot killing a human via automobile, no matter how unavoidable the circumstance, than it is to accept a human accidentally killing a human which happens numerous times everyday. Don’t believe me go watch iRobot (great movie btw). Speaking of humans killing humans via vehicular manslaughter, Grand Theft Auto the video game is teaching cars how to drive. After my rant on humans not trusting robots to drive cars, teaching them to drive via GTA might not help. Nonetheless researchers have taken note of how detailed the environment is in the game and since robots don’t learn homicidal tendencies, learning on a simulation that more accurately portrays the real world is a good thing, even if it has to pass the main character chasing down a prostitute with a RPG on the sidewalk.

Despite apprehensions to new robot drivers it is definitely shaping up to be the way of the future. Apple is even looking into buying McLaren to get into the self-driving car business. And futurist are already imagining the next generation’s commute and how new driver-less car lanes might tend to concentrate in the affluent areas of town leaving the poor with more antiquated tech. The future is coming and it seems to be able to drive itself.









Drones are awesome. They take flight and put it in the palm of your hand. True the government uses them as weapons of mass killing; however, in their purest form drones are still really cool. The FAA had to quickly deal out some new regulations as a result of the hobby springing to mass popularity almost overnight and it finally has a plan. Now if your drone weighs over 250 grams you have to register it and if you use your drone for commercial purposes you have to get a license. So you can officially be a licensed professional drone pilot. From photography, to land surveying, to even food delivery, commercial drones are exploding in popularity. Mercedes is even designing a van to be a portable helipad of sorts for delivery drones and GoPro has made its own backpack sized portable drone for the adrenaline junkie.  And next up on the list seems to be drones for the sea that can dive farther and faster than humans. Amazing times we live in.










New Compression Engines

The combustion engine is remarkably old technology. Its relatively inefficient though it has improved over the years, yet its dominance as primary engine for vehicles of land, air, or sea goes about more or less uncontested. There has been a new breakthrough that can combine the benefits of both diesel and regular gas, a miniaturized engine, and a few other accomplishments that have improved the combustion engine. Check out the links below.







The Future

As Space X becomes more mainstream, space travel or perhaps space delivery (since that is mainly what is used for now) is a new realm with various uncertainties. The latest accidental explosion during a standard test which destroyed Facebook’s ambitious internet satellite proves that. Apparently the $250 million plus lost was not covered by insurance because it didn’t happen during launch. Seems to be a tragic oversight if that’s upheld, but grey areas like this affect the economics and the will of those ventures beyond our atmosphere and that’s good for no one.

In other news quantum teleportation has entered the real world and that is a major breakthrough. Though it is only data one small step for man… Another interesting experiment involves introducing parasites into people with autoimmune conditions. Medical experts say that these parasites used to work in conjunction with our immune system to keep certain conditions in check and apparently for some people it works.

Google has used methods created by Euler to make a new app called Trips which allows you to make the most efficient plans for sightseeing (where was this when I was in Europe). Other scientists are also thinking of the future though more hypothetically and have some crazy ideas for what it will look like.



Parasites (hookworms) cure disease








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