Netherlands  The Dutch are a fun loving relaxed bunch. They are generally some form of blonde and relatively tall. They are well cultured speak a variety of languages and are generally well educated. People have mixed feelings about the Dutch people‚Äôs...


The world is a big place and there are numerous cities to travel to. We have detailed our thoughts on the culture, the sights, the people, and anything else you might want to know if to plan to adventure. And at the end are my thoughts on their politics and economics more in line with the tone of the rest of the site.



North America

Chicago, Illnois, US

Milwaukee, Wiscosin, US

New York, New York, US

Los Angeles, California, US

Houston, Texas, US

Dallas, Texas, US

San Antonio, Texas, US

New Orleans, Lousiana, US

Washington D.C., US

Gettsyburg, Pennselvania, US

Birmingham, Alabama

Atlanta, Georgia

Nashville, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Jackson, Mississippi

San Diego, California, USLas Vegas, Nevada, Us

Miami, Florida, US

Mexico City, Mexico

Queretaro, Mexico

Guanajuto, Mexico

Tijuana, Mexico



Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, UK

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Brusssels, Belgium

Prague, Czech Republic

Central/South America

Bogota, Colombia

La Ceiba, Honduras





Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

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