Smart Home Gadgets – Google Home and Lifx A19

There is much to be said about the advancement of AI and what that means for the future of humanity, but on a more personal level what does that mean for your home. A lot of people have an interest in a smart home, but where do you start. The first thing you need is...

Top Drones to Buy 2017

There are alot of drones out there and depending and the best one depends on what you want. Everyone wants the sexy $1000 drone that races across the sky recording footage you might see on the local news. However, I am here to tell you that the tool you need might be...

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  In the course of my work I use a lot of products and services. Here I will recommend to my readers what products and services I use or have used that could suit their needs. Some of the products and or services have affiliate links that I do recieve some revenue from. However, be assure that does not temper my judgement and feel no obligation to use my links.   Categories:
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