There is much to be said about the advancement of AI and what that means for the future of humanity, but on a more personal level what does that mean for your home. A lot of people have an interest in a smart home, but where do you start. The first thing you need is an AI device that when you speak to it communicates with all the other smart gadgets in your house.


Best AI Assistant – Google Home

The best AI assistant for your smart home depends on what you want from it. Do you want it to know thousands of tricks that it can perform even if only a dozen or so will ever be used in that case its Alexa hands down. However, if you want a smart AI who learns about what you want, what you need, and gets better over time than their is only choice the Google Home.

The Google Home is lagging behind Alexa in the “skills” department, but that doesn’t make it a slouch. It still plays music, knows the weather, sets reminders, learns names, interacts with other smart devices, and just about everything you would expect from a AI assistant. Its smart device integration could use a little work, but overall its an excellent system that does everything I could want and it is only going to get better.


Best Smart Light Bulb – LIFX A19

Although, I didn’t want to delve into smart gadgets too much I have a little crush on the Lifx Bulb. Its probably still too expensive for most people’s uses, but its colors are so vibrant, its app so easy to use, and the WiFi is connected to each bulb and not through a hub, I thought I’d give it a plug anyways. Although it doesn’t get as much love as the Phillips Hue it beats it in every way. It has better colors, it has a better app, and it doesn’t need a hub. If you are looking to shell out a pretty penny for smart bulbs this is the one to get it will make a nice addition to your smart home.



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