A good government will incentivize activities that produce a positive effect and discourage activities that produce harmful outcomes. For instance the government gives preferential tax treatment to retirement account contributions, but heavily taxes alcohol and...
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Floor and Ceilings – Cost of Living and Max Taxes

What is the minimum people need to survive? How much is too much? And what policies help ensure people are above the floor and those at the ceiling don't have an unfair advantage? Rent varies across the country but  you can generally find a 1 bedroom for $500-$800,...
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Tax Bill Good News: Funding for your Business

    The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 has been criticized for numerous reasons one of those being the huge tax cut for corporations. However, I'd argue having companies keep more of their profits isn't as detrimental as it seems to the budget and could even...
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The Future is Coming

I'm back with new ideas and the methods to explore them. I have a paper on Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAVs) in the works, gained experience in stochastic and optimization modeling, and learned to work with Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs). IAMs can be used to...
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Improving America: Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit to Make America Better There a variety of laws and regulations that people have recognized are bad have created feasible alternatives and they still persist in America, these are the low hanging fruit of America that if changed will immediately...
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Laws, theories, and mindsets of our leaders elected or otherwise have a huge impact on everyday life as well as the general trajectory of the lives of those influenced by their decisions. Therefore, what is being said, discussed, and implemented is of the utmost importance especially when you take into the account the increased globalization of the world. This page will explore how existing and proposed policies affect people and the general direction of their sliver of the world and if applicable the world as a whole.

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