Improving America: Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit to Make America Better There a variety of laws and regulations that people have recognized are bad have created feasible alternatives and they still persist in America, these are the low hanging fruit of America that if changed will immediately...
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Public Options vs. Private Providers

Public Services, Private Providers There are services that are essential for modern life and crucial for a competitive business. Over the past decades, America has fallen in love with private solutions and have privatized numerous services that have traditionally been...
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Guaranteeing Full Productivity with Basic Income

By considering common concerns about the welfare system and basic income, a modified basic income could be delivered for a comparative cost as our current welfare system, eliminate poverty, support the working poor and middle class, and guarantee productivity from...
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How to End Poverty: Expanding the EITC

Transforming the EITC into an Acceptable Form of the Basic Income Going back to the EITC in essence it works like a basic income for those in a certain threshold. So if we wanted to apply those benefits to all Americans how could we change the rules? The EITC has...
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How to End Poverty: How to Implement a Basic Income

Current Programs Similar to Basic Income In the United States we have Social Security which is a cash transfer from the working to the retired (if they are over 65) whose payout is determined by the amount of money you put in your working years. It is funded by a...
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Laws, theories, and mindsets of our leaders elected or otherwise have a huge impact on everyday life as well as the general trajectory of the lives of those influenced by their decisions. Therefore, what is being said, discussed, and implemented is of the utmost importance especially when you take into the account the increased globalization of the world. This page will explore how existing and proposed policies affect people and the general direction of their sliver of the world and if applicable the world as a whole.

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