Aim to target these reviews for people who enjoy video games but are rather busy.

Game Reviews for the Busy Man (Xbox Game Pass Reviews)

  • Madden
    • -Rocket League
      • Great game rounds take less than 10 minutes. However, there is a learning curve if you play online and the games can be addictive. Recommend setting a timer.
    • -Wolfenstein 1 & 2 & 3
      • Great games take 20-30 hours to beat. Dark subject matter but still witty and personable. Really digs into what makes drives humanity and how to put up a fight against insurmountable odds. Also the gameplay is extremely fun and brutal. Like the old Doom and Quake games but with a deep brooding soul.
    • Halo
      • Always fun. These games are classic, great story, great game mechanics, you can’t go wrong. Campaigns are fun and can be beaten in 20-30 hours, but the fun is in multiplayer. I almost exclusively play slayer and the games take less than 10 minutes. Again you can fall down the rabbit hole pretty quickly so set a timer.
    • -Just Cause 4
      • This game is a pretty fun open world game. You are more or less a super hero. You are some type of super agent who has a Spiderman like cable that allows to to grapple objects from ridiculous distances and you also come with a glider so no fall damage. It has a little GTA vibe by allowing you to jack any vehicle you grapple to including planes which leads to crazy sequences. The campaign takes 50-60 hours so its a bit of a long game and the campaign gets a bit repetitive but it is a fun open world combination of GTA, Spiderman, and your classic spy movies.
    • -Doom (2016)
      • I found this game pretty boring. The graphics are good and the mechanics are well thought out, but I the story put me to sleep. If you like graphic kills and good game mechanics but not much else this is for you.
    • -Read Dead 2
      • Masterpiece. This game will take you months to beat but the story is fascinating, the gameplay well done, and the exploration endless. Its a long game but limits a lot of busy work that plagues these types of games. Play it but probably over a year.
    • -Gear 4 & 5
      • These games are solid. The new storyline adds humanity to these soldiers in a way that exceeds the past installments. The gameplay is a good as ever and the graphics are amazing. Its a fun 20-30 play that you will enjoy even if it doesn’t quite blow you away.
    • -Crackdown 4
      • This is an eh game. Didn’t play to finish because I found it boring. The characters are over the top but if you like endlessly slaughtering enemies with your overpowered character this is for you.
    • -Fallout 4
      • Not for me. I played for about 20 hours with no end in sight and just got bored. The story was taking an insane amount of time to develop and an open world sounds good in theory but it was desolate and tedious to treck through.
    • -Star Wars Fallen Order
      • A fun 25-35 hour game. It combines dark souls, prince of persia, and force unleashed for a joyous ride. The gameplay mechanics are incredible compared to other star wars games. You start off kind of weak but when you get most of your powers you feel like a Jedi but not so overpowered you just plow through everything. It still requires the right balance of power and finese. Really well done. And the story is good, its solid, it won’t blow you away but it is entertaining and fun. Also some scenes will blow you away.
    • -The Outer Worlds
      • This is a 35-45 semi open world disystopian space odyessy. I want to say Fallout in space but I actually enjoyed this game more than fallout. Its not quite as good a shooter as mass effect but it is a pretty good adventure game. It has some interesting quirks, how you act shapes the world around you, and it has some depth. However, its most appealing aspect is its fun, it has a good pace, and it doesn’t take forever. Worth a play

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