Low Hanging Fruit to Make America Better

There a variety of laws and regulations that people have recognized are bad have created feasible alternatives and they still persist in America, these are the low hanging fruit of America that if changed will immediately improve the American Way of Life.

Top 10

  1. Do not require monetary bail except for egregious felonies use alternative methods.
  2. Allow insurance companies to negotiate prices with health care providers alongside Medicare and Medicaid.
  3. Tax capital gains as normal income for amounts higher than $100,000 a year.
  4. Make open market stock buybacks illegal.
  5. Have medical professions give an estimate before giving a procedure like a car mechanic.
  6. Raise the EITC to $2500 for all single filers.
  7. Let judges determine all sentences and fines with only maximums as guidelines.
  8. Expand the child credit to $1500 per kid up to 3 kids and make it refundable.
  9. Cut corporate taxes to a top rate of 25%.
  10. Allow drugs to be distributed and prescribed across state and international lines.








  • Have medical professions give an estimate BEFORE giving a procedure like a car mechanic.
    • e. Before you see the doctor be advised it costs $100 for him to see you. Then the doctor sees you have problems with your knee and recommend an MRI which including the machine and staff hours would cost about $1500. Otherwise you could do this physical therapy here are a list of physical therapists and exercise you can do at home. This would greatly reduce the sticker shocker of finding out how much a procedure costs after you’ve had it and allow you to shop around.







  • Add a new 45% tax bracket for income above $500,000 a year.
    • About 0.5% of tax returns and about 0.2% of Americans make this amount of money a year. Even most of the upper middle class which includes lawyers, doctors, and medium size business owners will never have an income this high. Taxing the special few at a very modestly higher rate would help fund the expansion of EITC and child care credits for the majority of Americans who make 10% of less than this income per year, would be unlikely to draw the ire of the upper middle class who make a lot but not quite half a million, and would go a long way to balancing the budget.



  • Do not allow executive pay to be tied to stock that is redeemable in less than 2 years.
    • Stock buybacks are so popular because most executive pay is in stock and they can redeem it at any time. This allows executives to be paid in stock, manipulate it legally by open market buybacks, wait for the maximum price increase and then sell it before the inflationary effects of the buybacks wear off. This is clear stock manipulation for personal gain and not in the best interest of the company and should be made illegal.


Criminal Justice




Higher Fruit

Once the low hanging fruit is taken care of there are many slightly more controversial and not as easy policies that could also greatly improve the American Way of Life these matters will be discussed more fully later.
  • Expand the EITC to phase out at the median income.
  • Offer a grant redeemable only 2 years anytime in life for the average cost of a State University (~$10,000/yr.) for those enrolled in any technical or community college, trade school, or university. Need only prove enrollment for the first year. The second year requires proof of the equivalent of 2 semesters worth of passing grades and enrollment.
  • Train officers in with non-lethal weapons use except in extreme situations.
  • Require a city and/or state permit for the ownership of more than 3 guns.
  • Require civics classes in school.
  • Require standardized test only at the end of 3rd 6th, and 9th grade that only tests over extremely basic concepts in math, science, history and civics. and standardize so at least 95% of students pass. Make those results publicly available and allow schools to use that information to improve
  • Decriminalize Marijuana on the Federal and State Levels.
  • Set a maximum sentence of 3 years for non-violent possession of any drug.
  • First offense of possession of any drug requires a mandatory class and a small fine.
  • Allow bail to be met with phone calls or a device that transmits a semi regular signal instead of money for all misdemeanors.
  • Eliminate excessive fees and fines for misdemeanors
  • Allow prisoners to be eligible for the EITC even with no income.
  • Allow felons to be able to vote once they serve their prison sentence even if they are on probation.
  • Reduce a prosecutor’s power by removing mandatory minimums.
  • Let judges set sentence time and/or probations terms.
  • Invest in a decentralized energy system
  • Allow public utilities to override monopoly rights for private utility providers for underserved or inadequate telecommunications including internet, power or water services
  • Eliminate tax advantages for debt financing.
  • Tax all income at So








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