Humans have advanced to a space faring race. The main stories take place after humans have colonized nearly 100 million worlds. NASA says there are about 500 million worlds with conditions capable of human life in the milky way. My story will say that only 10% of those worlds (50 million) are able to be colonized and humanity is on a mission to colonize them all.

This timeline is housing my ideas and will be updated continuously as stories become canon and as I finalize the technology and path it takes to get there.



~2030 Humanity entered a new golden age of science once all countries and peoples in the world had virtually free access to electricity and internet.

~2035 The entire collection of human knowledge and history is archived and codified. It becomes the basis of every curriculum and is accessible on the internet for free. It is constantly updated with new information. It is called Terra Fabula (working title, definitely going to come up with something better).

~2040 Birth control policy, education, and financial restraints finally reverse population of growth so that Earth loses about 100 million people a year from a population that had reached 10 billion.

~2050 95% of humans on Earth have access to cheap electricity and are connected to high speed internet.

~ 2060 Cold fusion is successfully achieved and sustained in a small industrial reactor producing 100 GW about 3% of the worldwide demand.

~2070 The complete human genome is mapped along with various other common mammals and reptiles allowing for advanced genetic manipulation of humans.

~2075 Bio-computer chip becomes standard. It allows all humans to have a computer in their brains that does calculations at speeds the brain can’t, stores all of your personal information including bank accounts, and houses the Terra Fabula. Other enhancements include injecting an alloy into the bones that makes them nearly unbreakable at a young age and nanites that keep track of your vitals and attack infections side by side with your immune system.

~2078 Bio-enhancements combined with the complete mapping of the genome virtually eliminate disease and dramatically slow the effect of aging. The body doesn’t start to decline in any way until around 40 and doesn’t take a steep decline until around 80 and is almost guaranteed to survive until almost 150. Also limbs, organs, and any cell group are able to be regenerated cheaply and instantaneously thus ending afflictions of physical trauma and infections.

~2080 Humans begin to settle Mars and mine the asteroids for metals and other precious material

~2100 The exploration of gravitation waves led to a theory that using immense energy gravity could be manipulated to bend space time to travel extraordinary distances.

~2125 Cold Fusion is successfully miniaturized so a back pack sized generator can produce 10 GW for 4 years

~2126 The Six Sigma anti entropy device is created allowing 99.9% of energy created to be converted to any desired form while losing minimal energy to heat.

~2130 Terraforming technology fueled with the massive increase of energy generation has a breakthrough and 25% of Mars is able to be terraformed to Earth-like conditions to support about 100 million people comfortably and 500 million people if pushed. Massive amounts of energy are used to keep the temperature high enough and to produce the nutrients needed for the soil.

~2135 Artificial Gravity Fields are perfected allowing humans and equipment to handle previously unimaginable accelerations and de-accelerations such as 25G.

~2140 Constantly accelerating near light speed probes are sent to the nearest 100 potentially habitable planets

~2142 Constantly accelerating  near light speed ships with humans are sent to throughout the solar system to set up bases on moons and planets for scientific and industrial reasons

~2150 Martian scientists in conjunction with one of their substations on one of Saturn’s moon come up with a way to transfer human consciousness from their original body to a new body or into a computer effectively immortalizing human beings

~2151 The advanced genetic industry explodes as the demand for new genetically engineered bodies to transfer your consciousness explodes.

~2153 Computer Scientists prove that robots, androids, and even humans who transferred their conscious into computers can never have complete free will even if though they have a personality, intelligence, and are completely left alone. One of the major rules of the universe; computers must obey their programming, although they can rewrite their programming.

~2155 One of the probes reaches the first earth-like world and its sensors indicate that with current terraforming technology it could be transformed into a habitable planet that could support Earth-like populations much more efficiently than Mars.

~2160 The Earth government raises taxes dramatically to sanction the Galactic Colonization program whose mission is to colonize all habitable Earth like worlds in the galaxy. It commissions scientists in for a projected called Milky Way Manifest Density (MWMD) to find out how to connect all the worlds, what rules should be in place, and a timetable of how long it would take.

~2161 A group of about 10,000 Earthen teenagers, funded by a 200 year old Earthen trillionaire and unknown accomplices displeased with the new taxes, attempt to take over the government with advanced bodies genetically engineered for war. They destroy over a billion bodies and prevent 200 million people from transferring their consciousness into another body or AI before brain death (aka real death) before being stopped by another batch of super soldiers created by the government. It is the worst tragedy in human history.

~2162 The MWMD team create a charter called the Sanctity of Life for Immortals that deals with how to deal with immortality and still preserve life. It recommended that a law be enacted that does not allow you to transfer your conscious into another body until 50 when you have the appropriate respect and experience for human life and the human growth process, your original body can have no genome alterations that are not part of the human genome, advanced cybernetic enhancements are restricted. Furthermore, this charter suggests limiting each human to 10 offspring over their entire lifespan with a maximum of 2 out of the 10 being clones and for each parent to prove they can provide for any offspring before conception. Also the genes that they pass must be their original genes from birth not any genetically modified ones from another body. It also suggested that the highest penalty a human can impose on another human is transferring their consciousness to AI where even the most reprehensible humans would be mostly harmless. It also suggested imposing a heavy tax on transferring consciousness to another body that decreases as time goes on and for special events such as pregnancy or long distance space travel. It also recommends marking age by how many bodies you’ve had plus dash how many years you’ve had your current body. This standardized body switches at 50 years. Therefore someone 5-39 years would be 239 years old, having received their 4th body at age 200 and having had it for 39 years. Most of these suggestions were enacted into law and tradition.

~2163 The MWMD updated the gravitron wormhole theory from 2100 and theorized that with 10 exawatts, they could bend space time as far as 10 light years and the relationship is nearly-linear. The sun puts out about 1 million exawatts but earth only receives .001 exawatts. Therefore if a device absorbed energy directly from the sun it could bend space time to varying lengths.

~2165 The MWMD group decided absorbing the suns power for their experiment wouldn’t be good for Earth so they located the nearest large star and built a prototype for their gravity bending device they would call Gravity Door (working title)*.

~2166 The mission to test the Gravity Door on the nearest star began. They commissioned a ship called Pandora’s Box outfitted it with the most advanced technology, androids, AI, and 100 of the MWMD scientist and went off.

~2170 Pandora’s Box returned via a Gravity Door to the space between Mars and Jupiter. They also brought back enough batteries so that the energy required to go back through the Gravity Door now at Alpha Centauri was cut in half.




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