Here is my idea for gathering information via a political survey.

Political Survey asking about how my ideas are viewed

First demographics

  • Year Born
  • Zip Code (for county and state)
  • Suburbs, rural, or urban
  • Political leaning
  • Straight or LGBTQ
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Hispanic or not
  • Race

Adaptative survey

  • The questions would be always the same policy questions such as expand EITC get rid of jail
  • The sources would change based on demographic specifically political leanings
  • All ideas have multiple sources across the political spectrum but based on leaning you are only shown 3 closest to your views
  • Seven bubbles


  • Try to get statistically significantly information from each county


  • Gives a review based on answers which candidates they are most like
  • Gives points based on a candidates view on the issue or a similar one from 3 to -3 ranging from fully agreeing to fully disagreeing
  • Can weight the scores by impact, simply given an aggregate score, or some combination of both.
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