Here is a list of things I think are important and want to eventually learn or write out for other to learn.

Teaching Ideas

  • Teach how to create datasets with small scale experiments
  • Run analysis using R or Pandas in Python
  • Put analysis in report via RBlogdown or RBookdown
  • Need own servers, small physical lab that generates data, data visualization team, app/comp sci team

Stuff to Learn and Put into Notebooks Later

  • Branch and Bound
  • Common MIP Cuts
  • Q Learning
  • R
    • Tidyverse
    • GGPlot
    • Plotly
    • GGAnimate and other Animation packages
    • Gurobi
    • Machine Learning Workflows
    • Functions
    • Shiny – Difference between Plotly and Shiny?
  • Python
    • Pandas
    • Plotly
    • Machine Learning
    • Fucntions
    • Matlabplot/Seaborn
  • Ask Bard difference between decomp methods and CP, MCP and Bilevel optimization
  • Raspberry Pi Machines
  • Basic Hacking

New Artistic Skills

  • Learn Piano
  • Introduction to Painting
  • Guitar after Piano

Pages of Learned Info

  • Basic Engineering
    • -Calculus
    • -Physics
    • -Statics and Dynamics
    • -Circuits
    • -Thermo
    • -Fluids
    • Chemical Engineering
      • -Mass
      • -Kinetics
      • -Controls
      • -Thermo 2
    • ORIE
  • Optimization
    • -Stochastic Processes
    • Probability
    • Statistics
    • Data Collection 
    • Time Series
    • Data Processing
      • ML, regression, etc.
  • System Analysis
    • -optimization, simulation, logistics, PIC, systems modeling, MDP
    • -Visualization
      • -graphs, system modeling
    • -Operations Design
      • -simulation, systems modeling
    • -Operations Management
      • -PIC, logistics, simulation, queuing




Writing / Presentations

Workflow for writing

  • When writing paragraphs, put up a heading saying what that paragraph is supposed to do
    • Remove the headings later, but use them as notes
  • Write introduction to get idea of what you want to show in the paper
    • Do small lit review to find novel contributions
    • Go through the main points you want to explore
  • Then make charts for the results and update the intro
    • See if the results match your hypothesizes
    • Comment on peculiarities
  • Approve those sections
  • Then write conclusion, methods, background, etc
    • Conclusion should match the thesis questions of the introduction
    • Should also have an implications and future research part
  • Note Results and Discussion are one section
    • Write about each figure
      • How to interpret the figure
      • What it says
      • What it means
    • Then talk about the common thread between a few figures
  • Conclusion is a few paragraphs concluded not discussing
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