Here is the running list of published work that has influenced my thought process or informed me on a specific subject matter.


  1. The Future is Texas
  2. Middle Out Obama
  3. Obama Doctrine
  4. Stock Buyback Article
  5. Article Combatting Wealth Tax (Time)
  6. Bush man talking social security
  7. Article on Medical Money Waste
  8. One of the UBI Ones
  9. The Ones Talking About Upper Middle Class Ruining America (New Artistocracy)
  10. Family Article
  11. New Gods (Political Parties)
  12. The Decentralized System (Vox)
  13. Quantum Paper
  14. Article on Ma and his Wealth Fund
  15. Who makes less than $15
  16. Regenerative Agriculture
  17. 5×1 apartments
  18. The War on Public Schools
  19. Better Public Schools Wont Fix America
  20. The Invention of Urbanism

Journal Papers

  1. Roefs centralized vs decentralized water
    1. Includes references for food in circular systems that is used for agricultural land
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