The Willia Johnson and Malcolm Jones Jr. Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund honors the life and memory of Willia Johnson (1942-2022) and her son Malcolm Jones Jr.

Willia Johnson was an educator and councilor who believed in everyone she came across no matter their background, home life, or behavioral problems. She accepted people as they were and encouraged them to be the best they could be. Willia also had an entrepreneurial spirit and was a business owner who helped her community purchase their first homes. She was a dedicated sister, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, cousin, and sister to the Church of Christ.

She was a strong believer in education and for everyone to strive to be the best they can be. This scholarship will help enable extraordinary people from disadvantaged background to pursue educational opportunities that will allow them to be their very best.

We have set up an account for donations details below.

Cash App: @williamalcolmjr

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