Former Texas A&M President Loftin announcing the move to the SEC.

Another argument Ms. Weeks stated was the high cost of bureaucrats, the president, and teachers. She also pointed out her fees go to Stadiums and Arenas rather than her education. Another advantage of going to a public school is that their budget is public record as well as how much they pay everyone employed by the university. Looking at Texas A&Ms budget or 2014 $400 Million comes from tuition and fees,. Another $400 million comes from the state and without going into the history most of it is from dedicated land ,sea and even space grants given to the schools over a century ago. Over $220 million comes from grants and contracts and the remainder of the over $1.35 billion in revenue comes from gifts, donation, and sales. With all that being said about 30% of A&Ms revenue came from tuition and fees (a big portion of which they use to subsidize students to go the university) and 30% comes from the state. The remaining 40% of the University’s revenue came from the professors who received grants and contracts for their research and the president and other administrators who convinced businesses and alumni and whoever would donate to donate to the school. A substantial portion of those donations come as a result of a successful football team which is why your fees fund the new stadiums and arenas.

The reason professors and administrators are so high paid is because they bring money to the school in droves and if they don’t they get cut. The reason some of your fees go into athletics is because athletic success correlates to free branding and free exposure for your school increasing your prestige. Also athletic success in some sports particularly those with lucrative TV contracts, jersey sales, and expensive seats i.e. basketball and football also bring in dollars to the school in forms of revenue and donations.  For example the Johnny Manziel mania that ensued while I was in school, the school raised a record $740 Million in donations for the school $300 million more than was ever raised in a single fiscal year. Sports, professors, and administrators have very important jobs that keep the cost of tuition down and the prestige of your school up. If a few of your fees go to the new arena or a new office for a big shot president look at the dollars he or she is putting into your school and you will realize one could even argue he or she is underpaid.

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