The New Generation and how its youthful decisions guide the rest of their lives

Now, I have an admiration for Ms. Weeks not because she does porn, but because she seems intelligent, practical and takes responsibility for her choices. Although I don’t necessarily agree with how she chooses to express her femininity and take charge of her body I do admire the fact that she does so, which at the risk of upsetting certain feminists, I believe is worth admiration. However, she also is naïve and young which is another problem with America.The most important time in your life that which shapes your entire life is also the time you are the most idiotic and hormonal, but the least knowledgeable, 18-21.  Below is a meme I found that basically highlights the difference in how our generation has a much different set of problems all exacerbated by how young we must make life decisions.

As part of the new electronic generation what you do in that time pretty much defines you for life 99% of the time. The major you choose shapes your career path, the people you meet can either pressure you into drugs or to be an active community service member for life. In college, being around a lot of other 18-21 year olds who are no better than you amplifies this phenomenon even more. Ms. Weeks  will probably have a hard acquiring a  normal job (which probably won’t matter if this TV thing kicks off), but for the other college porn stars without the skill to roll with the punches one background check or job trace later and they will have a hard time getting a well-paying white collar job. They will have to live with the consequences of their young, naïve, and immature decisions the rest of their life. Other examples include the horrific rise of sexual assault on campus, or the prevalence of minor in possession violations, and that possession can be of a wide variety of things weed, alcohol, or even more highly controlled substances. And without money for lawyers those violations will ruin your life (maybe more in another blog probably actually Texas’s Surcharge Driving Program is stupid and is basically a poor tax). Without guidance it is almost impossible to succeed without either luck or incredible self-discipline.

The Texas Surcharge Statistics and How it is ruining peoples lives.

A route some of the smaller countries, who produce successful individuals (Israel and Singapore), take is to force 18 year olds into the military for a couple of years and then they go to college when they are more mature and have more discipline. I personally think this is a great idea except for America instead of sending our future generation into random wars to pick up random psychological disorders or to be maimed or even rarer yet to actually die (again another blog) maybe serve time with the coast guard or another less dangerous branch. Hopefully they will gain the same discipline, but with less danger and when they attend college they are more knowledgeable and less immature.


In conclusion, the education system is actually affordable with proper planning. The blame lies in other areas of our society that allow 18 year olds to make decisions that will govern their lives, hides knowledge of how to achieve wealth and success from the lower classes, and doesn’t instill the importance of the STEM fields to the youth . However, if you want to afford an expensive private school education for an unpractical degree (at least for getting a decent job) than you will probably have to resort to porn.

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