Thought of the Day: How can someone be so influential in the world economy that when they die the oil prices and therefore entire economies can swing, but not be famous enough for people to actually care that he died?


Another Tuesday and the first month of 2015 is coming to a close. The Super Bowl is at the end of this week and not too much else has been getting nearly as much press. Although a Saudi Arabian king died and that should be a lot bigger news than it is.


King Abdullah and Tug of War of Oil

The long time Saudi Arabian King has died and Obama recently visited to pay his respects. Although the U.S. and Saudi disagree on a lot of things they have always been allies out of mutual interest: keeping the Middle East reasonably stable and oil. The latter is particularly important now because of the massive decline in oil prices. King Abdullah refused to cut production much to the dismay of most of the other OPEC members. They chose this stance because of the increase in American oil production they feel if they cut production the Americans will simply fill up the void and they will lose market share which is far more damaging than a short-term price drop. The strategy is to simply outlast the American companies who will hopefully cut production themselves to avoid the free-fall in price. Arguably it is working as oil producers and oil service companies are laying off droves of people; however, the companies themselves swear up and down that they are prepared to be profitable even if the price of oil drops further. There are also other factors in play like crippling a huge income stream for Russia and also ISIS for that matter. Nonetheless, this policy was sanctioned by the now late King Abdullah and now the future of oil is even more uncertain and that is how much power this Saudi King wielded.

Super News for the Super Bowl?

Marshawn Lynch’s press relations have been a source of constant giggles. Some praising him for standing up to the man and others chastising his “unprofessional behavior.” I see both arguments and then I realize football is a game we watch for entertainment. What Mr. Lynch wants to do as he follows the rules or pays the fine is up to him. More power to the Skittles.

Deflategate stories have deflated, pardon my bad pun. As of this writing they are investigating a ball attendant but on rulings have come down. Regardless, it seems people have stopped caring. Although the various memes suggest that this is another hit for the New England franchise.

I feel like New England has the advantage with a good defense and a great offense while Seattle only has a great defense and a slightly above average offense. Marshawn Lynch will have to be unstoppable for them to have a chance and Wilson can’t put up four picks again. However, Seattle’s lack of depth in receiver talent makes them a lot less potent than they will probably need to be. Nonetheless, never count them out their defense is outstanding and if they can hold Gronk this will make for an incredible Super Bowl.


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