Metaphysical Thoughts

God is an investor. The world is full of resources and humanity is full of potential. He has given different people different skills and put them in different places where they have cultivated their different perspectives. He expects that people will use the resources and talents to improve upon the world and progress humanity as a whole. He doesn’t care about personal choices on the micro level, gay, straight, black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jew, gentile, Arab, Asian, Russian, American, or however we decide to differentiate ourselves. He just cares that the talents he gives everyone help to improve humanity and the world as a whole.

As civilization progressed some restrictions and laws that might have been appropriate in the past no longer apply. For instance organizing labor into serfs and kingdoms made sense in the middle ages to organize labor and accomplish great tasks that would could not have been achieved otherwise. Perhaps, even segregating dangerous and physically demanding tasks vs. general domestic chores by the sex made sense centuries ago. Conquering and uniting kingdoms made sense back when the world was just a bunch of warring tribes and a large united Empire could accomplish a great deal more than small sects of humanity constantly warring over resources.

However, when those civilizations and empires almost evolved into something more progressive. Despite the numerous atrocities Genghis Khan committed subjugated Asia to his rule, his empire was a beacon of religious tolerance and woman’s rights. Nonetheless when an empire fails to evolve with the times they were destroyed and something new took its place. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.

Now we live in a society that is becoming more and more homogeneous and is able to accomplish many more things together than we could ever do apart. The less we spend our energy on discriminating and excluding people, the more time we can take advantage of everyone’s different talents and perspectives the better we will be as a species. The progress we have made is remarkable.

The countries in Europe were more or less designed based on ethnic and location differences of the former barbaric tribes. Now the European Union is a giant bloc that while still maintaining each countries sovereignty is a beacon for what a united group of people of all foreign nationalities can do together. By virtually eliminating their borders among each other people of all lands can traverse across to experience another countries culture, educational system, peoples, and products. The younger generation as a result has become more inclusive, more culturally aware, more tolerant, and more educated. Despite the Brexit hiccup and the migration problems the EU is the best example of how the elimination of genetic separation since well the United States.

America was a safe haven for European immigrants seeking religious freedom and a new start. It transformed into a collection of culturally, economically, and even geographically different states combining their resources and perspectives into a melting pot that has become the world’s most dominant economic and cultural force in the modern world. Despite

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