Thought of the Day: “Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.” – Torquato Tasso


I haven’t posted in a while and I am of the mindset I should probably get serious with this. A lot of events have happened since I last posted after the Super Bowl. Oil has fluctuated, the NBA playoffs have kicked off, Presidential Candidates have been announced, and etc. Also quite of bit of personal things have happened as well. I’ve decided to restructure my posts just a little. I’ll give general news and interesting events still; however, there will be a section dedicated to updates of the opinions or positions I constantly maintain. Perhaps in the future I will dedicate an entire page to my constant positions, but for now I will list them in a separate post.


General News and Interests
Price of Oil – (low of nearly 40 rising back to 60 yet layoffs are rampant)
Basketball Playoffs (Especially the Spurs)
Bars and Adventures – (Grand Prize, Nehls Bar, Proof, Grooves, etc.)
United Way – (great organization great work in the community various problems plague Houston let alone the world)
Upcoming Houston Festivals and Events – (free press, crawfish festivals, etc.)
Educated Woman and the Lack of Committed Relationships (educated woman officially outnumber educated men where do these woman find good me?)
Love and New Poet (love doesnt sustain relationships and isn’t even necessary for a happy one but it is intoxicating and one could do with more love, the new poet is Torquato Tasso in case you missed the thought of the day)
Justified Ending – (one of my favorite shows ever made and the ending was a work of art)
TV shows returning (Game of Thrones, the Americans, Scandal, Empire, Last Week Tonight)

Baltimore Riots – (Another Black Man Lost to the those whose purpose is to protect us and the people of the city have had enough)

Obama’s White House Correspondent Dinner – (Obama is clearly enjoying his last days as president and has just said bucket to anyone who doesnt like it, I mean the man brought Luther his anger translator)


For Future Reference for those of you who won’t read my platform post. My main platform is split into two groups. What I believe we as a human race should strive to achieve which I will call human aspirations and the major social issues of today.

Human Aspirations

  • A sustainable infrastructure not just to survive but to thrive.
  • An education foundation so that everyone alive can learn without a major deficiency in knowledge or future performance.

Social Issues

  • Prison System
  • General Inequality and Prejudice
  • War on Drugs
  • The Militarization of Police


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