A government rules over territory and the people in it by enforcing laws over lives and commerce. Her citizens expect their government to behave a certain way based on the culture. In America, the culture implies that a government should defend freedom and individual rights, promote health and opportunity, and provide protection from the abuses of the mob and the powerful. Furthermore, America has historically had a strong agrarian and industrial culture as well as an elite class that provides the capital necessary for their activities. These different sectors all add to America’s greatness but are constantly at odds and are currently out of balance. The failure to balance these often contradicting interests has damaged our social fabric, but it can be repaired.

These are some of the topics I have or will explore, how they lead to resentment, and how they might be fixed.

Safety and Security

  • Crime and Punishment
  • The Police and the Populace
  • Sexual Assault
  • Recognition, Resolution, Restitution

Health and Environment

  • Healthcare
  • Nurses, Physician Assistants, Pharmacists, and other alternative to doctors Primary Care Providers
  • Number of Medical and Nursing Schools
  • Air Quality
  • Parks
  • Bike Lanes and Healthy Alternative Transportation
  • Balancing the environment and industry
  • Medical Insurance
  • Energy Transition

Opportunity and Economics

  • Capital
  • Food System
  • Critical Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Economic Security

  • Retirement Plans
  • Labor Laws
  • Unemployment
  • War on Poverty
  • Utilities (Energy, Water, Telecommunications)
  • Social Security

Individual and Collective Rights

  • War on Drugs
  • Gun Rights
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Bail
  • Public Defenders
  • Searches and Seizures
  • Limiting Confrontations interactions with Police
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