Thought of the Day: There really is no such thing as bad press. You can make a lot of money simply being a jackass. Maybe they should make one, two, or three movies like that.
The past week had quite a few stories to talk about. The Super Bowl, a Duggar’s welcome to black history month, a Packer getting caught with some weed and the battle for net neutrality wages on. I also looked into what the United States actually owes in debt and to whom and while I was at it looked up what treasuries actually were and by extension, bonds, securities, and even futures. Not bad for the beginning of Black History Month.

The Super Bowl

They should have run the ball. Like I said on a previous post they were probably going to lose because of inferior offensive talent. However, by some miracle after 2 previous prayers some no name receiver hauled in a gift from God to the five yard line. Marshawn got them to the one in one rush. They had one timeout and 3 plays all which should have been runs to win the Super Bowl. Instead they trusted their terrible receiving core and ran a play that gives the defense an opportunity to seal the game, even though technically it is a slight opportunity. If they had a Dez Bryant or a Calvin Johnson that call would have been questionable but maybe ok. However, with a Lockette or a Matthews who had not caught an NFL ball before that game not a chance. I like the Seahawks energy though I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I really wanted the Patriots to go down in flames, but by not giving Beast Mode his Skittles and handing him the ball when it mattered most Mr. Carroll crushed that dream.


The Halftime Show

It was a pretty cool show. Good guest the always popular Lenny Kravitz and one of if not the best female hip-hop producer of all time Missy Elliot. It also had a choreographer on PCP, dress randos up in sharks and beach balls and dance around like they were on the set of the Teletubbies. The shooting star was genius though and Katy Perry was obviously on point.


The Duggars and Abortion

I have casually heard the Duggars mentioned before as the enormous family with a million kids. However, I never bothered to see what their show let alone what their views were. However, with a priceless post by a member I believe by marriage of that family I was rudely awakened.

The actual message itself and her right to present it aren’t necessarily bad. The pro-choice and pro-life debate I believe are valid religious arguments, but in general I’m opposed to people legislating morality in any form when someones choice although it may be deemed wrong morally does not cause harm to society (see my argument on the War on Drugs). Obviously, free speech is a wonderful provision given to us by the Constitution as well. Nonetheless, there is a thing called timing and another thing called class and yet another called credibility. Her post as none of these. To state the obvious she isn’t black and while I encourage anyone to participate in Black History month and explore Black culture and appreciate Black History offering your opinion about something you aren’t a part of is well just rude. It’s like mothers say if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. It’s the same type of disrespect people show on MLK day when they mud-sling him instead of celebrate what he accomplished.

On her statement itself it is true. Blacks are over represented when it comes to abortions; however, its more of a socioeconomic issue than a race issue. Poorer people still have as much if not more sex than their more fortunate counterparts. However, because of the religious agenda in politics, that is not only pro-life, but also anti-birth control and anti-safe sex education, the poorer people tend to get pregnant more often. When poor people get pregnant especially younger woman it is devastating to their economical mobility unlike where a middle or upper class woman it would be an enormous inconvenience yet a recoverable one. Therefore, they feel like they have the choice to keep the baby or to suffer through poverty by the burden of a child. If you are pro-life than you should be pro-birth control and sex education. However to be against all three is simply ludicrous.


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