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Why do some men not mind their lady being with another woman nearly as much as her being with another man?


Transgender a new Word? 

The State of the Union was yesterday so you know that’s all people were talking about today. I thought an interesting observation the times made was that Obama became the first person to use the word transgender in the State of the Union. Obama has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights and it got me thinking on how the people in government oppose things simply because it goes against their belief system.

Legislating Morality. What Could Go Wrong?

Republicans are well documented to be walking contradictions advocates of a smaller government but also a strong military and strong Judeo-Christian values. However, this isn’t uncharted territory for people in power to legislate and push morality or what they deem to be right and wrong. The most glaring case in history is prohibition which causes the rise of organized crime and a disdain for authority.

Most recently it is the war on drugs and how misinformation and sometimes straight propaganda has ruined the lives of many Americans especially minorities. The War on Drugs has been a war against America’s own people and has been colossal trillion-dollar failure. Tupac said it best “Instead of a war on poverty they have a war on drugs so the police can bother me” ( A viral debate between Nancy Grace and 2-Chainz of all people illustrates beautifully the flaw in the logic of the illegality of marijuana and how it is detrimental to society and the people in it.

Now it seems like people are oppressing a group of people’s pursuit of happiness and while it might seem ludicrous at first I am starting to see the parallels between the civil rights struggle of the early to mid 20th century and their struggle for acceptance and basic rights. For it to be historic for a President to simply mention a group of people perhaps the new civil rights movement is a just name for their struggle.


After the talk of the Historical State of the Union all other news seems Deflated

Well the New England Patriots happen to be playing the cheating game again. New England fans are sticking up for their team with terrible shallow arguments, but its hard to blame them their team got caught with their hand in the cookie jar no way to explain that away. New England is a great organization it’s a wonder why they feel like they need unfair advantages, guess its a win at all cost mentality. Although this particular scandal might not have had a large effect on the games just the idea of sportsmanship and the integrity of the game are very core principles of any competition that have been violated once again. Punishments need to be dished out.

One of my favorite internet writers finally got off his behind and wrote one of my favorite segments. Check it out here.


Haven’t really been keeping up with music lately so this is a little old but J Cole’s album is a great one and his performance on David Letterman was very moving.

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