Thought of the Day: Time stands still for no man. Carpe Diem.

I thought back in April I was going to get serious with posting and then a large variety of life events happened that distracted me. However, now I’m settled back down, I gained more perspective, and have a lot more things to talk about it.

General News and Hot Topics

Houston Elections and Ballot Issues

The Houston Chronicle has a pretty good article about the Houston positions available including mayor, city controller, and 16 city council positions. However, the part you should really pay attention to are the ballot issues. The one ballot issue getting the most attention is Proposition 1 fondly referred to as HERO for the city of Houston which actually has little to do with the thing that is advertised most about it the Transgender bathroom issue but is just an updated anti-discrimination bill. The county and the state have some important propositions for vote as well including road, park, animal shelter funding, and the reduction of property taxes for homesteads and even a weird one make hunting and fishing the preferred methods for controlling wildlife populations. The link to the article is below:

Voting Ends November 3rd


Price of Oil – a continuing interest of mine still in the 40’s but the real concern is the oversupply now a simple production cut wont necessarily cause the oil price to rise. Also with the nuclear deal

Presidential Candidates and Debates – Trump and Carson lead the Republicans and Clinton and Sanders the Democrats. I actually really like Sanders so far and his views and opinions but we will see. Why JEB the only truly electable republican (maybe Ted too) isn’t doing better when the Republicans have a guaranteed win if they put someone up there who isn’t an idiot is beyond me. Its still too early to take too much of it seriously, but as we get closer I’ll pay more attention to it.

Obama – The man has been rather busy with his Trans-Pacific deal, the nuclear deal, various executive orders, issuing pardons, etc. I want to do an analysis on some of the issues it seems he sometimes solo addresses in the meantime various newspapers list his accomplishments. However, people are also criticizing his passive attitude in world affaris as other countries and ISIS seemingly rise in the vacuum the United States has left by not acting militarily in certain areas. A nice contrarian article below.

United Way – great organization great work in the community various problems plague Houston let alone the world. recently helped build a community garden and various other events are coming up. Check out events for the Houston United Way’s LINC program below:

Upcoming Houston Festivals and Events – Day for Night seems pretty fun Houston has a “winter festival” with a Kendrick Lamar headliner should be pretty bombdiggity. Also I’m returning to new Orleans for the first time in years for Halloween adn yeah.

NFL – football season is in mid swing and my Cowboys aren’t doing so hot but a lot of teams are. 5 undefeated teams (Panthers, Patriots, Packers, Broncos, and the Bengals) and the midway point approaches.

NCAA Football – College football is around in mid-season and my Aggies have imploded again, but a variety of other team look like contenders still. November will be a very interesting month to see how the college playoffs shape up. Quarterback controversy in Aggieland and who will lead us out the slump? Maybe Spivatial should call real plays and we wont have this problem who knows.  Bright spots include the much improved defense under Chavis and the unstoppable Myles Garrett. Good thing we have a cupcake this week to get out mojo back whoever is under center. Good Bull Hunting has a few articles about it links below.

Basketball Season – Oh its here and after all the greatness of last season this season should be a beauty as well. My Spurs after a disappointing first round boot have retooled with Mr. Aldridge and although the first game against the Thunder was a little rough, but its early. In an extremely bright spot we did see the emergence of Kwahi earning his max deal. A pretty good analysis in the link below.

Bars and Adventures – Europe was great it was amazing to see Art History in real life and also going out with Europeans was exactly as fun as it sounds. Back in Houston I finally made it to Poison Girl which is pretty good. La Grange is pretty fun still. Working on exploring some more bars.


TV shows – Went through a New Girl binge and am kinda of excited for the start of the season with Megan Fox and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Also Empire haven’t been able to keep up but definitely one for me to watch.

Halo 5 – I’ve played a bit of the campaign and the multiplayer and I agree with pretty much all of the reviews. the campaign gameplay with the squad dynamics is lacking but the multiplayer is amazing. The lack of split screen does suck, but I guess thats why they released the Master Chief collection first. For the record the multiplayer is insanely fun and I’ve adjusted to the campaign so its good for me but I do wish it was just a updated 4 sometimes and not as dramatic a shift from what it was before. A pretty funny article completly knocking, but raising valid points it is listed below.


For Future Reference for those of you who won’t read my platform post. My main platform is split into two groups. What I believe we as a human race should strive to achieve which I will call human aspirations and the major social issues of today.

Human Aspirations

  • A sustainable infrastructure not just to survive but to thrive.
  • An education foundation so that everyone alive can learn without a major deficiency in knowledge or future performance.

Social Issues

  • Prison System
  • General Inequality and Prejudice
  • War on Drugs
  • The Militarization of Police


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